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NAC draws Polish College in victory

Mexicans Represented in Nine Clericus Cup Squads

Nine Clericus Cup teams have players of Mexican national heritage on their roster, according to El Financiero, the leading Mexican financial newspaper. Colegio Mexicano clearly has the highest representation, followed by Mater Ecclesiae. In addition, there are either Mexican players or players of Mexican descent on the following teams: Redemptoris Mater, San Alfonso, the NAC Martyrs, the Urbanium, Pío Latinoamericano, Guanelliani and Sedes Sapientiae.

Mater Eccesiae reports that their squad was reinforced by some serious talent from Mexico this year, which has resulted in a significant change in talent. Mexico’s College also hopes to do better compared to the 2009 season, as they did not qualify for the play-offs last year.


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NAC edges Brazilian College 1-1 (5-4)

On a chilly Saturday in Rome, Clericus Cup kicked off its fourth season. The NAC edged their former team mate John Kalevski, now playing for the Brazilian College in a game won on PK’s 1-1 (5-4). Anglo Celtic, perhaps better known as Commonwealth, also won this week on PK’s. Redemptoris Mater, ever the fans of folk liturgy, have returned with guitars and tambourines. The tifosi were overheard singing Michael, row the boat ashore during the game.

I’ll move to a point system ranking eventually; for now, the won-loss standings for Division A after the first week:

NAC          1-0              Brazilian College 0-1
Anglo-Celtic 1-0              French College    0-1
Red Mat      1-0              San Anselmo       0-1
San Paolo    1-0              Polish College    0-1

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Paganini Confirms World Cup Team a Ways Off

Bishop Claudio Paganini confirmed to La Stampa that the idea of a Vatican World Cup team is still a ways off, without explicitly ruling out the idea.  The logistics and the question of talent aside, Paganini was quoted in La Stampa as saying, The times have yet to mature. The will is there on the part of the Church, but at the moment it is only a dream. Maybe with time, a way will avail itself, though it would be complicated… “.

While no one expects the Vatican to field a team any time soon, the Church is saying that it wants to be part of the dialogue when it comes to participation in the planet’s most popular sport.

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Clericus Cup IV – 65 countries

Centro Sportivo Italiano, the organizer for Clericus Cup IV, released some stats for the tournament. The sixteen teams have submitted rosters that include 373 players representing 65 countries. The countries producing the most players for the league? Mexico with 49, Italy with 45, Brazil with 24, and the United States with 21. The season will kick off this weekend and wrap up on April 25, with the championship scheduled for May 22.

Participating in the events kicking off the season was Giovanni Trappantoni, who coached Juventus in the 1980s, as well as doing stints for Inter and Bayern Munich.  Currently the coach for Ireland’s national team, Trappantoni said he’d love to coach a Vatican World Cup football team.  Since the Vatican is not (yet) part of FIFA, that dream is still a few decades off.

Il Giornale.

CSI Press Release on Participating Countries

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Sixteen Teams, One Champion

Cardinal Bertone, the Vatican Secretary of State, addressed organizers of the Clericus Cup IV competition today at the Holy See. He read a letter from the Bishop of Durban, South Africa – Wilfrid Fox Napier. Archbishop Napier spoke of South Africa’s privilege in hosting the 2010 World Cup. He stated that football was an opportunity to demonstrate the virtues of patience, perseverance, and respect, and that the Clericus Cup tournament represents an opportunity to actualize those values and to demonstrate the vitality of the church.

La Repubblica


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Clericus Cup IV Starts February 20

On Thursday, CSI will formally inaugurate Clericus Cup IV, an annual soccer tournament representing sixteen schools and players from five continents. A press conference will be held in the atrium of the Paul VI Hall. Redemptoris Mater, the defending champions, will sport the Scudetto on their jerseys. The games kick-off on Saturday, February 20 at the Oratorio San Pietro.

The tournament is sponsored by the Holy See.

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