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NAC draws Polish College in victory

NAC edges Brazilian College 1-1 (5-4)

On a chilly Saturday in Rome, Clericus Cup kicked off its fourth season. The NAC edged their former team mate John Kalevski, now playing for the Brazilian College in a game won on PK’s 1-1 (5-4). Anglo Celtic, perhaps better known as Commonwealth, also won this week on PK’s. Redemptoris Mater, ever the fans of folk liturgy, have returned with guitars and tambourines. The tifosi were overheard singing Michael, row the boat ashore during the game.

I’ll move to a point system ranking eventually; for now, the won-loss standings for Division A after the first week:

NAC          1-0              Brazilian College 0-1
Anglo-Celtic 1-0              French College    0-1
Red Mat      1-0              San Anselmo       0-1
San Paolo    1-0              Polish College    0-1


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