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NAC draws Polish College in victory

Mexicans Represented in Nine Clericus Cup Squads

Nine Clericus Cup teams have players of Mexican national heritage on their roster, according to El Financiero, the leading Mexican financial newspaper. Colegio Mexicano clearly has the highest representation, followed by Mater Ecclesiae. In addition, there are either Mexican players or players of Mexican descent on the following teams: Redemptoris Mater, San Alfonso, the NAC Martyrs, the Urbanium, Pío Latinoamericano, Guanelliani and Sedes Sapientiae.

Mater Eccesiae reports that their squad was reinforced by some serious talent from Mexico this year, which has resulted in a significant change in talent. Mexico’s College also hopes to do better compared to the 2009 season, as they did not qualify for the play-offs last year.


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Premier League Christmas Week

All three teams atop the standings won this week. Arsenal defeated Portsmouth 4-1, with the newspapers wistfully reporting that it was the first time that 22 players had taken the field in a Premier League match with not a single Englishman among them. Not that the fans care, as the quality of Premier League play is the best in the world… Las Monday, Chelsea defeated Fulham 2-1, with Drogba scoring the only goal for Chelsea. Fulham scored twice, though one point went to Chelsea. Chelsea’s Peter Cech, counted among the best goalkeepers in the world, has given up 18 goals in December, and there is talk of benching him. But, Chelsea’s schedule for January is light, so no one is panicking… Manchester U flattened Wigan 5-0 before a crowd of 74,000. Rooney scored his 14th goal of the season, with four more Man U players hitting paydirt as well. Tottenham replaced Aston Villa at fourth place this week, with Villa dropping to sixth.

Chelsea 14-3-3; Manchester United 14-1-5; Arsenal 13-2-4

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Spain, Brazil and England Favoured

Oddsmakers have moved England into third slot for the World Cup. Spain is favored at 4.5:1, with Brazil and England holding on at 5.5:1 odds. Portugal has dropped out of the top seven due to recent player injuries. Argentina, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands round out the favorite teams.

While any of the top seven teams could take the Cup, there is common praise for the work Fabio Capello is doing at England’s helm. Capello has won nine championships in three countries, with four teams: Milan (1992, 1993, 1994, 1996), Real Madrid (1997, 2007), Roma (2001) and Juventus (2006, 2007). That said, I personally think Brazil, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands will be a challenge for any team.

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Premier League Dec 28 – Arsenal on Fire

The Gunners are on a roll, outscoring opponents 9-2 in the last four games. In this Sunday’s match against Aston Villa, the game remained scoreless through 45 minutes. Arsenal exploded in the second half, with Fabregas scoring twice, and Diaby adding a point seconds into stoppage time… In the league’s first scoreless game of the season, Chelsea tied Birmingham 0-0. Injuries to Drogba and Anelka have blunted Chelsea’s attack, and Birmingham saw an opportunity to score negated by an offsides…. Man U defeated Hull this Sunday 3-1, in a game that featured only two bookings. Rooney and Berbatov scored for Manchester, and Hull contributed an own-goal and a point on pk’s.

Chelsea 13-3-3; Manchester United 13-1-5; Arsenal 12-2-4; Aston Villa 10-5-4

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World Cup Commentary

The Guardian has a great interactive guide to the 32 teams. They also have a national key player gallery, identifying potential stars for each team. I’m not quite sure why they featured Brandon Donovan over Clint Dempsey for Team USA. Dempsey is currently one of the best midfielders in Premier League play.

Christiano Ronaldo tipped Brazil, Spain, England or Portugal to win the World Cup. Admittedly he was being polite, so let’s not fail to mention Germany, Italy or the Netherlands.

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