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NAC draws Polish College in victory

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Links to news coverage of the Clericus Cup Football League are provided:

In English
Voice of America on Clericus Cup League.
BBC on the Clericus Cup “blue card.”
UK’s Guardian on Catholic Church’s participation in professional football. CSI, which sponsors the amateur Clericus Cup, is the principle sponsor for AC Ancona, an Italian Series C club that just three years ago played in the Series A league.

En Espanol
Barcelona’s La Vanguardia Newspaper on the Clericus Cup.
On FIFA actually borrowing the blue card idea from Clericus Cup for European League play.
El Universal reports on Mexico’s participation (“el tricolore,” or “el tri”) in the Clericus Cup.

Nel Italiano
The Centro Sportivo Italiano, Clericus Cup league organizer.
Clericus Cup Football league home page.
Corriere della Sera covers the 2009 championship game, with fotos.
UEFA President on the success of the amateur Clericus Cup.
An interview in Il Giornale with a player from the 2009 championship team, comparing Clericus Cup league play to Italian Series A. (Yes, we know he’s dreaming.)
Another story on the 2009 championship.
Clericus Cup’s governing body (Centro Sportivo Italiano) meets in December 2009.
News report on national interest in the Clericus Cup final from Corriere della Sera.

En Francais
On the possibility of the Vatican joining FIFA.


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